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Live Delicious

Korean flavors help you
make the most out of life,

A portion of curiosity with whatever’s inside those fun Mandu,
a taste of positivity from crispy but tender K-chicken,
a ladle of generosity in spirit as well as kimchi rice portions,
best served with a side dish of joy.

Our Products

  • Mandu
    A feast of richness and juiciness
    filled in thin & chewy wrappers.
    Easy to enjoy as snacks
    or meals conveniently.
  • Kimchi
    The carefully selected ingredients
    and bibigo’s secret seasoning
    provide the highest taste quality.
    CJ Food’s own patented lactic acid bacteria
    keeps bibigo Kimchi fresh and crunchy.
  • Chicken
    Sauced yet crunchy, bibigo's K-style chicken
    stays crunchy even when coated in sauce.
    Enjoy extra crunchiness in every bite
    with Korean bold flavors, sweet & spicy
    or garlic soy sauce to suit your taste.
  • Rice
    Freshly steamed, just-cooked quality
    with bibigo’s high-pressure
    steaming technology.
    Enjoy bibigo rice in
    various convenient ways.
  • K-Sauce
    Deep & savory taste made
    with K-fermentation.
    Makes it easier than ever
    to add Korean flavor to any dish.
  • Seaweed
    bibigo's Gim (Korean Seaweed) snacks
    offer a variety of flavors
    in different shapes, packed
    with full of natural nutrients
    and crispiness for everyone to savor.
  • Roll
    Restaurant-quality, crispy,
    golden-brown wrapper filled
    with fresh ingredients with a Korean touch.
    Perfect as a snack, appetizer, or side dish.
  • K-Street food
    Ultimate Korean daily comfort food,
    from meals and snacks to dessert.
    Enjoy the flavor synergy
    with exciting pairings offered by bibigo.