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Healthy & Fresh Korean Food

Enjoy the Wellbeing Story of Hansik (Korean Food Culture) made by Nature and Human.

Source :Olive

Delicious story made by fingers <Mandoo Myeonga>, Episode 6

Mandoo, the secret of taste came down for a few generations

The last episode will introduce dumplings that came down for a few generations and it will explore the special taste of those dumplings. Also, chef Kwon will review his six dumplings, developed over six episodes. Don’t miss out the last tasty journey.


<Mandoo myeonga - 'intro'>

Over 75 years’ traditional tasty Gaesung dumpling and tender and sweet pumpkin
gulim dumpling

Located in Insa-dong, a restaurant serves dumplings that came down for three generations. It specialized in dumplings from Gaesung in North Korea. The restaurant has a lot of regular customers and also it is popular for foreigner tourists. Above all, the secret of the popularity is keeping the same taste for over 75 years. Even if the taste is slightly changed, their patrons complain about it and try to fix it. The oldest dumpling restaurant in Seoul having same taste all the time, it is the key reason that the dumpling has been loved until now.

The pumpkin gulim dumpling is originally from Pyeongyang in North Korea. Gumlim is a cuisine style of dumpling skin which means coating the dumpling stuffing with flour instead of wrapping. Pumpkin gulim dumpling has also been passed down for over 100 years through three generations. Unlike other dumplings, it tastes sweet because it is filled with pumpkin. Also, the secret of its taste is its own strict philosophy on behalf of main ingredients. It uses organic vegetables, fresh eggs and local wheat, considering eaters’ health. Main difference of this dumpling to other gulim dumplings are that the process of coating the dumplings with flour is repeated three times instead of just one time of other dumplings. It takes 30 minutes to coat with flour and wait for absorbing into the stuffing and it completed after repeating this three times. This effort brings moderate thickness of dumpling skin and makes the taste unique. The distinctive and unique taste from the effort would be the secret that the dumpling has a lot of big fan.

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  • <Pumpkin gulim dumpling - 'Mandoo myeonga'>

Deep flavor of home-made tofu dumpling and unique flavor of spinach dumpling in color

In Dori village where decedent of Empress Myeongseong, Min’s family is gathered and lives in, most people in the village are relatives so that they cook dumplings and share the food all together in national holiday such as New Year’s Day. Indeed, tofu that is cooked traditional way became a representative food of the village. This is because transportation was too inconvenient to go to market so that the residents often cooked tofu by themselves which has relatively easy recipe. Also, the tofu is made of fresh locally produced beans. Dumplings that they share on New Year’s Day are filled with the fresh home-made tofu and old Kimch. Its traditionally cooked dumpling has incredible deep taste. Furthermore, the belief and persistence on maintaining traditions provides people at present to taste those traditional one.

There is a spinach dumpling that has been changed in fast past-paced time but still maintaining the tradition. First generation of Chinese living in overseas began to make the spinach dumpling in a consideration of trial to make healthy dumpling. Also, first place where their restaurant was located had been chosen as a redevelopment zone so that the restaurant was shut down but granddaughter was very passionate to run the restaurant, then, she opened new restaurant in different place but with her grandfather’s recipe. The spinach dumpling was inspired of Popeye so that the grandfather used spinach juice for the dumpling wrapper and used ordinary stuffing which is of golden ratio of vegetables and pork fat. Indeed,the wrapper color had been changed from deep green color to light green by granddaughter. The light green color is more delicate and looks tasty with rich flavor. Not only the taste that is preserved from difficulties with a strong belief but also the heart that wants to provide healthier food is passed down with the recipe and the spinach dumpling is completed at present.

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  • <Spinach dumpling - 'Mandoo myeonga'>

Chef Kwon's
Simple Well-being Dumpling Recipe

In episode 6, Chef Kwon introduced his sixth well-being dumpling, ‘tofu burdock dumpling’. Main ingredients of the sixth dumpling are tofu and burdock that are often enjoyed in our daily life. Let’s see chef Kwon’s simple recipe.


  1. 1. Have an around rotation cut of burdock and soak it in cold water to get rid of bitterness.
  2. 2. Stir-fry beef and when it almost cooked, add spicy chili paste and stir-fry together.
  3. 3. When almost cooked, add pine nuts.
  4. 4. Mince tofu and coriander together and mix with sesame oil.
  5. 5. Put stir-fried beef and mixed tofu on thin burdock wrapper and rolls it.
  6. 6. Coat the both ends of rolled dumplings with starch powder to prevent stuffing leaking out.
  7. 7. Steam them about 10 minutes in steamer.
Chef Kwon

<tofu burdock dumpling 'Simple Recipe'>

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