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Healthy & Fresh Korean Food

Enjoy the Wellbeing Story of Hansik (Korean Food Culture) made by Nature and Human.

Source :Olive

Delicious story made by fingers <Mandoo Myeonga>, Episode 5

Seafood dumplings, filled with a variety of different

The fifth episode will specially explore dumplings made of various seafood including fish and shellfish. We are all invited to the world of seafood dumplings filled with a fresh and unique taste.


<Mandoo myeonga - 'intro'>

Red snow crab dumpling, filled with whole crab meat from ocean
Fish dumpling, showing an elegance of noble family

The first destination of the journey was Hoopo port in Uljin, Donghae. The port is one of the popular and busy ports located in Donghae and it was red snow crab season and enjoyed a large amount of sales. Red snow crab casserole and soup is usually a popular dish, but there are other styles of dish in the area, not only seasoned raw crab and red snow crab bibimbap, but also red snow crab dumplings which are specially enjoyed in the harvest season. There are two types of dumplings, steamed and fried dumplings. Steamed dumplings are very soft and juicy because it uses the whole crab meat with minimum seasoning to keep the real taste of crab meat. For fried dumplings, the steamed dumplings are fried with cooking oil so that it has both soft and crunchy textures.

Located in Yeongyang in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Doodle village has <Umsikdimibang> which is a traditional Korean cook book, from over 340 years ago. And it introduced gray mullet dumplings and cod skin nureumi. Nureumi is one of cooking styles serving juice over cooked food.
For gray mullet dumplings, the skin is very thinly sliced and used as wrapper with pheasant meat, manna lichen and ground pine nuts, which were very rare in the past, as the main ingredients of stuffing. Then, it is shaped into a crescent moon which is gently bended both ends. Those great ingredients are in harmony and the beauty from curve of the shape makes for a more classy taste.

  • <Red snow crab dumpling - 'Mandoo myeonga'>

  • <Seafood dumplings - 'Mandoo myeonga'>

Real taste of seafood dumpling in winter season

At a restaurant well known for their strict rule to use seasonal ingredients, three dumplings cooked with seafood harvested in winter were introduced. They are Purple Washington clam dumplings, Bass dumplings and Black sea bream dumplings.
The Purple Washington clam dumpling is harvested during the whole year but it tastes best in winter. Unlike other seafood dumplings, its shell becomes the wrapper and it is filled with the clam meat, beef and vegetables. While cooked, the juice from each ingredient comes out and stays inside of the shell. The flavor is very rich and in harmony with the ingredients.

The Bass dumpling is usually served as a soup. Bass meat is sliced in a larger size than other fish meat and it wrapped different colors of vegetables. The dumpling is very tender and it looks tasty with colorful appearance. Above all, the warm soup is especially loved in the winter.
The Black sea bream is known as a high quality fish and for having hard fish meat. The filling full of beef and vegetables inside is big feature of the dumpling and it is possible because of the hardness. Everything is harmonized in the mouth with the rich flavors.

3 type of Dumplings

Chef Kwon's
Simple Well-being Dumpling Recipe

In episode 5, Chef Kwon introduced his fifth well-being dumpling, ‘the round crab dumpling’. He developed a new seafood dumpling with pine nut sauce which adds great flavor to the dumpling. Let’s see chef Kwon’s simple recipe.


  1. 1. Steam a fresh crab and separate the crab meat from the shell.
  2. 2. Mix strained tofu, salt, spring onion, sesame oil and an egg white.
  3. 3. Make the well mixed ingredients (step 2) into a rounded-shape and coat with starch powder.
  4. 4. Steam them for 6 to 7 minutes.
  5. 5. To make the sauce, grind pine nuts finely and make a moderate density using water from washing rice.
  6. 6. Mix the sauce with milk or fresh cream and a bit of salt and sugar.
  7. 7. Boil the sauce lightly on frying pan.
  8. 8. Pour the sauce over the steamed dumplings.
Chef Kwon

<Ball-shaped crab dumpling 'Simple Recipe'>

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