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Healthy & Fresh Korean Food

Enjoy the Wellbeing Story of Hansik (Korean Food Culture) made by Nature and Human.

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The Home of Short neck clams,


Seonjaedo is a small island located in the West Sea. Since a long time ago, because of its beautiful places like uncontaminated sea and endless tidal flats, this island has been called Seonjae(仙 才), which means a place where fairies come down and dance with grace. In addition to the beautiful vast tidal flats, there is an another hidden treasure in the tidal flats, Short Neck Clam.

This time, Delicious Korea and Jiwoo Choi would like to introduce 'Seonjae-Do, known as the home of short neck clams'. To taste and introduce a variety of dishes using short neck clams, Jiwoo Choi met many local people in Seonjae, and also learnt how to dig out clams and cook them.

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location of Seonjae-Do

The present of Seonjaedo, Short neck clams.

The present of Seonjaedo, Short neck clams

Suitably mixed with sand and mud, spacious flats in Seonjae-Do have an excellent ability of purification. Due to its optimum conditions at low tide, this island is the best place for the growth of the clams. Therefore, the short neck clams from Seonjae-Do are also known as excellent clams with coarsed texture of crops.
The short neck clams are rich in iron and Vitamin B, so that they are particulary good for the women suffering from anemia, and also show outstanding effects on preventing abdominal obesity since it's low-fat and low-calorie. Furthermore, the short neck clams have been famous for the ability to protect the liver from hangover since Chosun dynasty, so that heavy drinkers have loved this clam dishes as effective hangover foods.

Healthy & Fresh Bibimbap with Short Neck Clams

The ideal mixture with Bibimbap and short neck clams can be claimed as true well-being food. Tangy spiciness of stir-fried short arm octopus with pepper paste and rich flavor of Bibimbap with short neck clams will give you the best experience on both taste and health.

bibigo shortNeckClams


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Seonjae-ri, Yeongheung-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon
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