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Healthy & Fresh Korean Food

Enjoy the Wellbeing Story of Hansik (Korean Food Culture) made by Nature and Human.

Source :Olive

Introducing Real Quality Ingredient <Seasonal Dining>, Episode 2

Start of healthy meat consumption, Korean Beef

On the way to summer from spring, it is easy to feel drowsy. So, Food Finders are right here to find a dish that can make us feel lively. ‘Charcoal grilled deckle meat & spring cabbage kimchi’ is a fresh and vitalizing seasonal dish, while ‘Braised soft bone gelatin and brisket’ has a rich savory flavor. They combine the benefits of great taste and healthy ingredients very well. Well-being and ‘Healing’ are the best buzzword these days! Would you join our journey to the world of ‘healthy and quality meat’ suggested by Food Finders?

<Seasonal Dining - 'Start of healthy meat consumption'>

Start of healthy meat consumption, "Korean beef" & finality of taste,
"Aged meat- dry aging and wet aging"

Itaewon is regarded as a small global village in Korea. This place is becoming a ‘Hot place’ for young Korean people and foreigners which create a mixture of various cultures. The food finders are at this place to find a dish which can bring back liveliness for us, while summer makes us drowsy. ‘Charcoal grilled deckle meat & spring cabbage kimchi’ is fresh and vitalizing seasonal dish and ‘Braised soft bone gelatin and brisket’ has rich savory. They combine the benefits of great taste and healthy ingredients very well. ‘Well-being’ and ‘Healing’ are the best buzzword these days! A journey will begin to the world of ‘healthy and quality meat’ suggested by food finders. There are various ways of cooking beef such as grilling, blanching, and steaming and the meat can also be consumed raw.

It is now up to ripening? No more normal steak! There are steak-specialized restaurants captivating the taste buds of gourmets. Chefs from these restaurants commonly say that the secret of the taste is right ‘aging’. Storing beef for a certain period of time has an enzyme action, and it makes beef very soft and adds more meat juice and flavor. Now we will find out how steak-specialized restaurants achieve a great taste through two different aging style ‘dry aging’ and ‘wet aging’. Also, Chef, Ryu Se-Hoon, will present rip eye steak cooked by dry aging, and Chef, Shin Jae-Suk, will introduce the taste of rib eye tenderloin steak which has been ripened for two weeks.

  • <Seasonal Dining - Start of healthy meat consumption>

  • <Seasonal Dining - Aged meat>

Fresh local taste, Beef Tartare Bibimbap & Heathy Korean Native Cattle
“Hampyeong cattle market”

It is a journey of food finders to Hampeyong in Jeollanam-do. This place is blessed with a lovely natural environment as well as a thriving traditional cattle market. Also, this is where you can taste ‘Beef Tartare Bibimbap’, served with various herbs and lean rump. If it is served with Korean Ox Blood Soup, it becomes perfect, nutritionally balanced meal.
After food finders tasted special food of Hampyeong and left to traditional Hampyeong cattle market. The market has been run for over 100 years and called ‘Huge pen in Hampyeong’ due to that great amount of cattle that are gathered. About 300 cattle are sold on a market day. Furthermore, people say that the price of beef in Jeollanam-do is determined at the market. Thus, let’s have a look at Korean livestock industry.

Food finders visited an animal welfare type green cattle farm to meet happy cattle. Cattle are put out to the pasture to roam and to freely eat grass on the ground. These healthy and stress-free cattle don’t need antibiotics. However, it is hard to receive a prime grade, 1+++?
Marbling, the priority of Korean beef grade standard, is the answer. This is because beef raised by grazing has relatively less amount of fat. The difference between those low fat beef and 1+++ beef can be seen with naked eye. Moreover, Food Finders could taste the difference between these two beef clearly. Let’s explore the story of marbling and healthy meat story with Food Finders.

  • <Seasonal Dining - Beef Tartare Bibimbap>

  • Hampyeong cattle market

    <Seasonal Dining - Hampyeong cattle market>

Healthy Korean Beef Dish suggested By Korean Cuisine Researcher, Lee Jong Kuk

“Sweet Rice Marinated Grilled Beef Slices” and “Burdock Dumpling”

Various nutrient-rich ingredients including beef! Different way cooking! Chemistry between ingredients and careful concern for an eater! Below, Korean food artist Lee Jong- Kuk has suggested a new beef dish!


[Sweet Rice Marinated Grilled Beef Slices]

  1. 1. Coat the Korean beef with glutinous rice flour and roast it on a hot pan. (Glutinous rice power stops meat juice from running out)
  2. 2. Chop the meat into one bite size, arrange it on a plate neatly and add some red pepper.

[Burdock Dumpling]

  1. 1. Hollow out the boiled burdock and fill it with minced beef.
  2. 2. Roast it on a hot pan.
Chef Lee

<Chef Lee, 'Sweet Rice Marinated Grilled Beef Slices' recipe>

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