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Healthy & Fresh Korean Food

Enjoy the Wellbeing Story of Hansik (Korean Food Culture) made by Nature and Human.

Source :Olive

Introducing Real Quality Ingredient <Seasonal Dining>, Episode 1

Nutritional pack from sea, Roe

"Roe met with French dish to create exquisite flavor, Roe Pasta"
Korean traditional ingredient, Roe, met Italian traditional ingredient, Pasta? Let’s compare two different style of roe dish that is totally different from shape and flavor to different cuisine and discover the secret of how the roe past could be proudly on the menu of French restaurants.

<Seasonal Dining - 'intro'>

Aesthetic of waiting, deep and strong flavored roe & the combination of roe
and French dish, roe pasta

In Geojedo, we can say that half the island is water and the other half is mullet fish. Mullet is a precious food ingredient for people in Geojedo because it is mostly caught only in spring and it is prestigious for its taste. Therefore, we cannot overlook the ritual for big catch of fish. On the other hand, in the Yeongam of Jeollanam-do Pprovince, everybody is busy making roe out of mullet. You can enjoy pumpkin colored mullet roe, which is washed with salt water, salted with soy sauce, coated with sesame oil and dried in the air for three months. This is made in the process of Korean traditional royal cuisine. We can meet Geun-Tae Choi, who has been making mullet roe for eight generations, succeeding his predecessor.

Mullet roe is an ‘aesthetic of waiting’, which is made by human wisdom and is a gift provided by nature. Although the making process is complicated, the tasting moment of mullet roe is precious and eternal. Roe is a cornucopia of seasonal food and enjoyed by Kings in the history. Korean traditional ingredient, Roe, met Italian traditional food, Pasta? We visited a professional Italian chef who uses Korean roe instead of Italian roe, called Bottarga, in his restaurant. Roe is so precious ingredient that it was served in different sizes regarding to hierarchy such as King, Son of King and Royal family. Korean roe, salted with soy sauce, has greater quality and richer flavor than Bottargar. Additionally, it is very well harmonized with pasta due to the savory taste and low salinity.

  • <Seasonal Dining - Nutritional pack from sea, 'Roe'>

  • roe past

    <Seasonal Dining - 'roe pasta'>

One of the top 3 global great dishes in the world right near you, Caviar & Roe having
medicinal effect, Yakdaegu

Korean people crave for roe when eating meals and it drives us to eat more and more. Yet, we do not know much about roe. A smart housewife named Ji-Young Jung, who visited hyper food market will introduce pollack roe, fly fish roe etc, which are popular food ingredients. Due to global warming, it is not easy to catch Pollack roe in Korea, so it is usually imported from Russia. Moreover, among the various types of roe, one certain type of roe caught the attention of Ji-Young Jung. It is caviar, roe of sturgeon, which is one of the top 3 global great dishes, regarded as a luxurious food ingredient. The more interesting thing is that it is caviar produced by domestically bred sturgeon! The optimal habitat for sturgeon in Korea is Chungju, and it is possible to produce sturgeon roe after breeding the sturgeons for minimum 7 years. Especially, domestically produced caviar is low in salinity than the imported ones. So it is optimal for people who emphasize living a well-being life and it is popular among those people.

There is roe regarded as medicine? You can taste special health food in Geoje Oepohang, where is the biggest trading center of Cod in Korea. What people ate instead of medicine when the medicine was not very common is Yakdaegu, made with roed cod. Before spawning, internal organs are all taken out and filled with salt instead, and then dried in the sea breeze for a few months. It is excellent health food and especially great for those who are pregnant and slowed up when eating it with Gangjuk, kind of Congee and local dish of Gyeongsangnam-do Province. Additionally, it is effective for adult disease and constipation. Furthermore, Chef Kwon recommended Ssam Bam, cooked with Yakdaegu. As Ssam Bap is one way of enjoying Yakdaegu, you can put some rice on fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs and put a little bit of sauce made of Yakdaegu on the top. This is very well-being food with fresh seasonal vegetables but without fishery smell.

  • <One of the top 3 global great dishes, Caviar>

  • <Roe having medicinal effect, 'Yakdaegu'>

Chef Kwon’s Various Style Recipe

Roe is high protein food providing full of nutrition with little volume and its flavor and aroma is outmatched at any food. It has strong flavor as well as it can be seen as nutritionally concentrated item. Chef Kwon will introduce one of fresh seasonal vegetable, Green Bean recipe. Green bean thins the salty taste of roe. Find out the recipe produced by Chef Kwon who makes various and mixed flavors.


  1. 1. Preparing roe : to remove fishery smell of roe, put mullet roe into water mixed with alcohol which is made with pine needles and pine sprout.
  2. 2. Remove all the blood of mullet with tweezers and sharp knife and be salted with soy sauce.
  3. 3. Roe green bean : put green beans on a roasting pan and stir-fry them and put them on a fried egg.
  4. 4. Drip some sesame oil on top of the fried-egg.
  5. 5. Cut roe into thin slice and put them on top of green beans.
Chef Kwon

<Chef Kwon, 'Roe green bean' recipe>

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