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CJ bibigo, French West 'taste of Korean' announced



Global Korean food brand Bibigo let opinion leaders experience the charm of Korean food in Beanue of Bougogne area.


Last 3th(local time), Bibigo organized the event named ‘Summer night of Korea, Surasang’ in Chateau Clos de Vougeot castle where is well known for wine-producing area.


This event was designed for demonstrating superiority of Korean food to people.


It was hosted by Sang-in Han who is a representative of ‘share Korean culture world’.


Bibigo sponsored this event both materially and morally.


Bibigo dispatched a chef who is specialized in Korean food to this event for the dinner banquet.


The dinner banquet was prepared by Woo-joong Kwon who is in charge of CJ foodvill, Jae-duck Jung who is a head chef of Bibigo-dadam, and a buddhist monk named Sun-jae who is specialized in temple fare. 6-course meal from appetizer to dessert were prepared for this banquet , and the meal was served on a plate modernistically presented.


Galbizim, potato ongsimi, Mungbean pancake, black sesame cabbage, steamed rice wrapped in a lotus leaf, and rice ball cake were served on a white porcelain. A wine made from Bougogne sommelier was served also.


About 100 opinion leaders attended in this event including the Secretary of State Fleur Pellerin who became a first french minister of a Korean background, chairmen of Bougogne chamber of commerce, and president of Bougogne wine association, and journalists.


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