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bibigo Restaurant on Michelin Guide 2014!


Bibigo UK Achieves Great Deed in a Year Since Opening – Registration in the Michelin Guide




Having made a lot of efforts to promote Korean food around the world, Bibigo is now in “Michelin Guide,” one of the world’s most prestigious restaurant evaluation guides. The registration is expected to be a good starting point in promoting Korean food to the world’s leading gourmets and the general public.


On October 7, CJ’s global Korean food brand, Bibigo announced that the Bibigo London Soho store was registered its name in the London edition of the 2014 Michelin Guide.


Under an atmosphere where the value of Korean food are being recognized by the global community with Jung Korean restaurant in New York receiving two stars from Michelin, the registration of Bibigo in Michelin Guide holds great significance as it is the first Korean company operated brand restaurant expanding to the global market to achieve such deed.


Bibigo has been at the spearhead of promoting Korean food culture around the world, expanding into six countries for three years since its launch in 2010. Fostered as a leading Korean food integrated brand that embraces processed food business and restaurant business, Bibigo has been making great efforts to make Korean food familiar through various global marketing activities featuring international sensation Psy.


In particular, there had been numerous challenges and new trials before Bibigo London Soho store was registered the Michelin Guide. Opened in July, 2012 in time with the 2012 London Olympics,  Bibigo London selected Soho area, where high-class restaurants are clustered, to target British gourmets by competing with globally known restaurants. It introduced a Bar & Dining-type store, a new unique form different from existing Bibigo stores, to make British people, who are accustomed to pub culture, feel a sense of familiarity. It also offered an exclusive interior showcasing Korean beauty and wine recommendation list based on Korean food menu. Furthermore, the store made new attempts to strengthen its alcoholic beverages by introducing drinks that are very Korean, such as the “Soju cocktail.”


Bibigo transformed the popular Korean food “Sundae” into “Black Pudding” to enable British people to feel a sense of familiarity and through a creative way of thinking developed Bungeobbang (baked carp-shaped bread with bean paste) as an exclusive dessert, “Bibigo Goldfish.” Such efforts, which maintain the integrity and authenticity of Korea food, are enjoying favorable response as the newly introduced menus greatly understand the characteristics of British food and are able to be accessed by British people. Even before the registration in the Michelin Guide, Bibigo has drawn significant attention by the local community and was highlighted in the influential British media, the “Independent.”


Bibigo also invited 300 VIPs including the Chairman of the London Olympics Organization Committee to the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum and served them a Korean banquet. Bibigo also a tasting event for Bulgogi, Korean Dumpling and Bibimbap in one of the major events of UK, the Thames Festival. In addition, Bibigo processed food held a variety of promotions and tasting events with a “food truck” run with Britain’s largest supply chain TESCO at the center. As a result, Bibigo processed food is currently sold in 43 TESCO stores across the UK and received the “Supplier of the Year,” by TESCO which is given to the top brand among brands entered in TESCO every year. Similarly, Bibigo has been making various efforts to introduce Korean food to Britain from various angles and promote its excellence.


An official of Bibigo stated, “We are glad that the numerous trials and challenges Bibigo faced during the promotion of Korean food around the world have successfully fruited by being registered in the Michelin Guide. As the first corporate Korean food brand to achieve such deed, we feel a strong sense of responsibility in our role of actively promoting Korean food culture abroad, being the first Korean food brand restaurant run by a corporation to achieve such deed.”



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