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Our Story
bibigo takes 5000 years of delicious Korean cuisine and updates it for today’s modern, non-stop lifestyles.
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A healthy cuisine created by nature
and humans, Korean cuisine
  • korean food 1 Korean cuisine offers a beautiful harmony of colors and an equally healthy and balanced nutrition. It also represents the flexibility of Korean culture, where different cultures are taken in, understood, and drawn together to create new developments. Our goal is to share the philosophy of “bibim” with the world through bibigo restaurants and products to shape a new, healthy cuisine for everyone.


- Dumpling -

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    A mystery all the way until the first bite, Mandu
    Mandu, or dumplings, is a common food made and eaten by the entire family together at the beginning of the Lunar New Year for the health and well-being of the household. Korean Mandu, in particular, has a delicate skin filled to the brim with vegetables and meat, offering a handy package of nutrition on the go. There are many different varieties of Mandu according to the contents, method of production, and shape; bibigo offers “Gyuasang,” a royal Mandu made with cucumbers and shiitake mushrooms, and “Mini Wontons,” a finger-food creation filled with fresh meat and vegetables.
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    Uniqueness of Korean culture in a single package
    Mandu consists of vegetables, meat, and other So (fillings) wrapped in a thin flour skin, which is then fried, steamed, or boiled. It was a mainstay in festivities, ancestral rites, and winter times. Different varieties of Mandu exist, including Manduguk, or a Mandu boiled in soup; Jjinmandu, a steamed Mandu; and Pyunsoo, a square-shaped Mandu filled with zucchini, bean sprouts, and beef, and served in cold broth. Mandu creations from the royal palace include Byeongsi, a half-moon-shaped Mandu without folds, and Gyuasang, which is shaped like a sea cucumber.
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