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Our Story
bibigo is the global #1 Korean cuisine brand dedicated to sharing authentic and modern Korean flavors with the world
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A healthy cuisine created by nature
and humans, Korean cuisine
  • Korean cuisine offers a beautiful harmony of colors and an equally healthy and balanced nutrition. It also represents the flexibility of Korean culture, where different cultures are taken in, understood, and drawn together to create new developments. Our goal is to share the philosophy of “bibim” with the world through bibigo restaurants and products to shape a new, healthy cuisine for everyone. korean food 1


- Kimchi -

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    Kimchi, which continuously changes over time, is a culture in itself and embodies the soul of the Korean people.
    Kimchi is a food full of history and wisdom. The origin of Kimchi begins with the salting of vegetables by Korean ancestors, who tried to achieve a balance between health and nutrition by consuming the nutrients of fresh vegetables even in colder seasons. Over time, various spices and seasonings were added to the pickled vegetables, and the basis of Kimchi was formed. Subsequently, it has evolved into various types according to regions and tastes, and is now completed with numerous types of Kimchi that we enjoy and are indispensable today. Kimchi, which has developed in various ways according to the times and environment, while retaining its taste and nutrition, contains the soul and life of the Korean people.
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    Kimchi is a food of harmony and balance.
    Kimchi has always been with us no matter when or where we are. Although it has changed in various ways according to the people who enjoy it, seasons and climate, it has always been placed on our table while maintaining its original values. Even though ingredients may differ from region to region and the degree of fermentation or seasoning change, Kimchi always goes well with other foods and no meal would be complete without it. Kimchi is very versatile and blends in with the flavors of other dishes well, and as such the value of harmony and balance of Kimchi has always been present in our diet and is woven into our lives.
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    The secret to the best tasting Kimchi starts with fresh seasonal ingredients that come directly from nature.
    Each Kimchi, which is made with at least fifteen different ingredients, respects the natural taste of each ingredient. bibigo makes Kimchi by carefully selecting the freshest and most delicious high-quality raw ingredients for each season and constantly strives to make delicious Kimchi all year round with bibigo's own secret seasoning and fermented lactic acid bacteria.
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    Kimchi is the representative fermented food of Korea.
    Kimchi, Korea's representative food, is an excellent fermented food that is recognized worldwide. Unlike salted vegetables that are common in many countries around the world, Kimchi is fermented by mixing it with red pepper powder, garlic, ginger, green onion, and a seasoning made from salted fish and starch paste. Then, the Kimchi is placed in a jar, buried in the ground, and lactic acid bacteria begin to actively grow and ferment at a constant temperature. Only after going through this fermentation process does Kimchi develop its own deep flavor, and refreshing and savory taste.
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