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Our Story
bibigo is the global #1 Korean cuisine brand dedicated to sharing authentic and modern Korean flavors with the world
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A healthy cuisine created by nature
and humans, Korean cuisine
  • Korean cuisine offers a beautiful harmony of colors and an equally healthy and balanced nutrition. It also represents the flexibility of Korean culture, where different cultures are taken in, understood, and drawn together to create new developments. Our goal is to share the philosophy of “bibim” with the world through bibigo restaurants and products to shape a new, healthy cuisine for everyone. korean food 1


- Seaweed -

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    A slice of the sea
    on the table, Gim
    Gim is a square piece of dried seaweed commonly used as a wrapping skin for Gimbap or as a garnish. Gim is known as nature’s most generous gift, endowed with protein, vitamins, and dietary fiber. Gim has a crispy texture and a sea-like aroma, making it a pleasant addition to any table. It is also known to contain ingredients that help expel cholesterol from the body.
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    Korean Gim,
    recognized by the world
    There is a wide variety of Gim processed in Korea. The most common are the flavored Gim, which is roasted with oil and salt to be served as a side dish. Snack Gim, a more recent creation, is served in delightful morsels perfect for casual snacking. Korean Gim is known worldwide for its clean production environment and superior technology, and its flavoring techniques play a significant part in its popularity. Korean Gim is complemented by the rich flavor of sesame oil and high-quality salt from Korean shores, which bring out the natural crisp and fragrance of the seaweed in full. It is indeed a coveted snack or side dish for all, whose quality may even surpass that of China or Japan.
  • Foreigners eating gim
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