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Our Story
bibigo is the global #1 Korean cuisine brand dedicated to sharing authentic and modern Korean flavors with the world
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A healthy cuisine created by nature
and humans, Korean cuisine
  • Korean cuisine offers a beautiful harmony of colors and an equally healthy and balanced nutrition. It also represents the flexibility of Korean culture, where different cultures are taken in, understood, and drawn together to create new developments. Our goal is to share the philosophy of “bibim” with the world through bibigo restaurants and products to shape a new, healthy cuisine for everyone. korean food 1


- Korean Meat Dishes -

  • Bulgogi image 1
    Korea’s favorite meat dish, Bulgogi
    Bulgogi is Korea’s most well-known barbeque dish, featuring thin slices of beef marinated in sauce and then grilled to perfection. Of course, one can choose to grill it well done or rare. Bulgogi is the sole example of meat being marinated and then grilled in human culinary history. Bulgogi is also the favorite meat dish of many Koreans. The beef should be marinated for at least 12 hr to tenderize the meat and allow the flavors to be well absorbed. The marinade made from soy sauce, honey, chopped green onions, garlic, and pepper imparts the characteristic harmony of sweet and savory flavors. Vegetables, such as mushrooms, carrots, and cabbages, may be added to create a filling yet nutritious and healthy meal.
  • Bulgogi image 2
    Bulgogi is for everyone
    Back when there were fewer options for eating out, Bulgogi was the first choice for large gatherings or festivities. Against the backdrop of sizzling juice on the grill, grownups knocked back glasses of schnappses, while kids spooned the sweet juice onto the rice. Ttukbaegi (hot earthenware bowl) allows Bulgogi to be enjoyed warm regardless of the time.
  • Bulgogi image 3
    A enormous potential for reinvention
    Traditional Bulgogi on rice is served au jus with the intention of using the rice to mop up the juice, but dry Bulgogi on rice offers a way of enjoying beef without the mess. Dry Bulgogi is also suitable for lunchboxes or picnic boxes and goes exceptionally well with a sandwich or a taco. Skewers of dry Bulgogi are guaranteed to be a hit in parties. Bulgogi was, after all, fundamentally a dish for guests.
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