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Our Story
bibigo is the global #1 Korean cuisine brand dedicated to sharing authentic and modern Korean flavors with the world
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Sharing the Culture and
Flavors of Korea, the Global
Korean Food Brand “bibigo”

  • bibigo, created by CJ CheilJedang, the No.1 food company in Korea with years of expertise in Korean food, takes 5,000 years of delicious Korean food history and updates it for today ’s modern lifestyles. Inspired by authentic recipes, bibigo is sharing the best in Korean foods and flavors, a healthy culture that is created from nature and man, with the whole world. THE GLOBAL  KOREAN FOOD BRAND 'BIBIGO'

About Korean Food bibigo embodies

  • 01 korean food - nature, health and freshness
    Korean food takes after “nature” and its health and freshness.
    Korean food is a product nurtured by the heavens, borne by the earth, and made by mankind, with the abundant use of fresh herbs from the flow of four seasons; fermented foods made by coldness and warmth, according to the will of nature; and the bounties of nature from the seas, mountains, and fields of the Korean Peninsula.
  • 02 korean food - balance and harmony
    Korean food is a food of balance and harmony.
    Korean food brings together rice, soup, and dishes on a single table. It strikes a harmony between the natural colors and flavors of the dishes, fully engaging the five senses of culinary experience, and a healthy balance between carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.
  • 03 korean food - philosophy of bibim
    Korean food is based on the philosophy of “bibim.”
    “bibim,” or the art of mixing, is an exercise in harmony, coming together to share the good and fill in the shortcomings. bibimbap embodies the ideas of harmony and balance, and the “bibim” of rice, meat, vegetables, and fermented sauces, offering a perfect combination of taste and nutrition in a single bowl.



CJ Blossom Park is the site of all researchers pertaining to the combination of traditional recipes and modern sensibilities in bibigo. With an investment of over KRW 480 billion, the huge CJ Blossom Park complex (110,000㎡, the size of 15 soccer fields) houses Korea’s first and largest food and bio fusion laboratory equipped with an open laboratory system to maximize the creative output of researchers.



All bibigo products are manufactured in an intelligent “Smart Factory,” which utilizes automated digital solutions, the latest ICT technology, and innovative techniques to maximize product quality and customer satisfaction.
An investment of KRW 540 billion went into the creation of CJ Smart Factory, which can produce up to 120,000 T of products such as frozen food, processed meat, and cooked rice.