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bibigo , creating shared experiences
through food and sports
  • Korea’s only official PGA TOUR tournament CJ Group has been hosting THE CJ CUP since 2017 to create a place
    where Korean male golfers compete with world-class players.
    CJ Group hopes to become a sports and cultural platform that spreads CJ brands and K-lifestyle globally.

    bibigo is proud to be the official sponsor of THE CJ CUP
    and as such be able to introduce authentic and modern Korean flavors to golf fans around the world.
    Create a new lifestyle through sports together with bibigo.
  • Global Marketing Partnership In October 2021, CJ CheilJedang began its journey as the first global marketing partner of the LA Lakers.
    As its top sponsor, bibigo logo is proudly represented​ on the official jersey and throughout the Crypto.com Arena.​
    CJ hopes to promote Korean food culture to basketball fans beyond LA, across the U.S., and globally.
    This monumental partnership marks a new marketing history of two global cultural and sports icons joining.