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bibigo offers traditional Korean cuisine, reinterpreted in modern terms, to the world. Enjoy the taste and culture of Korea in bibigo.

Discover genuine Korean food made from seasonal ingredients and that is healthy and easy to enjoy!

The China Bibigo Restaurant is operated as both a casual dining and fast casual restaurant. The casual dining restaurant offers the widely diverse food culture of Korea using seasonal ingredients. The fast casual dining restaurant offers healthy and freshly prepared Korean food in a simple meal that is easy to enjoy.
  • ALidu[Beijing]
    9-8,Jiangtaiwest Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing +86 010-6432-0758 Monday - Sunday
  • BCapital International Airport[Beijing]
    A5W1~5,3 Terminal, Beijing Inernational Capital Airport, Beijing +86 010-6455-8785 Monday - Sunday
  • CCaifu[Beijing]
    1 layer 1-15-8 number Fortune Mall,Yard 7, Dongsanhuan Zhong Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing,China +86 010-6530-2457 Monday - Sunday
  • DFood Republic, Raffles City[Shanghai]
    6th Floor, 268 Xizang Zhong Road, Shanghai Monday - Sunday
  • ESanya
    4F-B403 B-Building, Internal Airport Staition, Phoneix airport, Phoneix Road 581, Tianrun District, Hainan Sanya City +86 0898-3822-5963 Monday - Sunday
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