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Hearty and delicious bibigo porridge made with the best ingredients
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  • Porridge is the oldest Korean food eaten before rice or rice cake, which has been with us since the beginning of agricultural culture. bibigo provides a hearty and healthy meal with plenty of good ingredients by adding the know-how of bibigo to the traditional taste that embodies the wisdom of our ancestors.


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Korean porridge culture - start a good day with a comfortably full and warm stomach
In Korea, since ancient times, there has been a custom of soothing the stomach, which had been hungry all night, with porridge before eating the first meal. Especially, the kings of the Joseon Dynasty had an early breakfast called Chojoban with porridge every day to properly start the day.
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From the selection of ingredients to the manufacturing process, bibigo's devotion and know-how are put into bibigo's products.
bibigo Porridge boasts the best flavor with carefully selected 100% Korean rice that has been stored at a low temperature to retain the texture of fresh grains, a variety of ingredients and customized broth specialized for each type of porridge. Since it contains none of the three major additives, the whole family can enjoy a healthy meal without any worries.
Iconic products
Introducing the best porridge products from bibigo.
  • 비비고 전복죽 bibigo Rice Porridge with Abalone Provides a deep flavor with chewy abalone, mushrooms and brisket broth.
  • 비비고 소고기죽 bibigo Rice Porridge with Beef Offers a rich flavor with savory beef, mushrooms, and bone broth.
  • 비비고 통단팥죽(용기형) bibigo Sweet Red Bean Porridge (bowl-type) Provides a sweet and deep flavor with rich whole red bean paste and soft chestnuts.
  • 비비고 단호박죽(용기형) bibigo Sweet Pumpkin Porridge (bowl-type) Offers a sweet and deep flavor with rich pumpkin and buttercup squash.
Delightful !
Enjoy a variety of dishes made with bibigo products!
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