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Enjoy the delightful texture of chewy skin and chunky fillings
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  • CJ CheilJedang’s mandu lineup is more than a product; it is a legacy of Korean cuisine and traditions. Our commitment to presenting the most Korean flavor of all manifests in our commitment to leave out the common additives that are used in processed foods.

About Mandu

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Korean dumplings
embody Korea's
unique food culture.
Mandu is a food that has changed according to history, region and climate, and the subtle harmony of ingredients in the filling provides fresh pleasure. It is a Korean tradition to pray for good fortune in the new year as it is said that the shape of dumplings made by putting stuffing in the wrapper is like a lucky pouch that encloses good fortune.
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bibigo dumplings add modern values to the traditional Korean food.
bibigo dumplings are made with carefully selected high-quality ingredients without additives [Free of: synthetic fragrance, water-soluble annatto (colorant), acesulfame potassium (sweetener), aspartame (sweetener), D-sorbitol solution] and a thin, chewy dumpling wrapper. The ingredients are chosen to balance each other and provide a harmonious flavour. The authentic Korean bibigo dumplings can be enjoyed in a variety of styles in many countries around the world, including the United States, China, and many countries in Europe.
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bibigo Mandu are a modern reinterpretation of royal dumplings enjoyed by kings.
bibigo Mandu are the modern reinterpretation to the fabled “mimandu” of the royal palace, a mandu made in the shape of sea cucumber and the gentle waves of the sea to represent nature’s bountiful treasure for the king. It boasts a light and vivid texture as various ingredients such as fresh pork, light tofu, fragrant leek and onion are wrapped in thin and chewy dumpling wrapper.
Iconic products
Introducing the best bibigo dumplings.
  • Bibigo Mandu Mandu A modern reinterpretation of beautiful royal dumplings with a chewy, wavy dumpling wrapper.
  • Kimchi Mandu Kimchi Mandu Dumplings with excellent texture with crispy, crunchy bibigo Kimchi with a sharp yet refreshing spicy taste.
  • bibigo Mini Wontons Handmade Style Mandu Rich Pork Dumplings just like you would get them in a handmade street dumpling restaurant! Try the thin and chewy wrapper and juicy filling now.
  • bibigo Steamed Dumplings Handmade Style Hansum Mandu Pork & Vegetable Dumplings that are filled with coarsely chopped meat and vegetables, even if you eat just one you might think you just had a whole meal!
Delightful !
Enjoy a variety of dishes made with bibigo products!
By placing your mouse over an image, you can check which bibigo dumpling product was used for that dish.