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kuk&tang Korean Soup
Sumptuous ingredients in a rich stock
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  • Kuk / Tang / Jiigae

    bibigo offers instant versions of favorite Korean soups, like bibigo Yukgaejang, Sagol Gomtang, Doenjang Jjigae, and Kimchi Jjigae. bibigo Yukgaejang, in particular, offers a simple and delicious solution to an otherwise difficult and time-consuming dish, complete with pasteurization.

ABOUT kuk&tang

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kuk&tang's ingredients.
A Mainstay of Korean
Meal, Kuk, Tang, Jjigae
Complimenting the staple of rice, Kuk, Tang, and Jjigae are the basic building blocks of the Korean table, made with a wide variety of ingredients including fish, shellfish, vegetables, and seaweed. Guk refers to soup, while Tang is essentially a Guk with more ingredient. Jjigae is a comparatively drier stew with less stock than a Guk or Tang. Major examples include the beloved Kimchi and Doenjang Jjigae as well as the Miyeokguk, which is considered to be both a maternity food and a birthday food.
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bibigo Guk / Tang / Jjigae
combines a rich stock
with sumptuous ingredients.
A rich stock, boiled for a long time, meets sumptuous ingredients in a recreation of the taste of home. bibigo Guk / Tang /Jjigae products are also available for storage in room temperature for convenience. Additives are minimized for the entire family to enjoy.
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bibigo offers properly
made Guk / Tang / Jjigae
with the taste of home.
bibigo offers “bibigo Yukgaejang,” using a separate pasteurization procedure to safeguard the taste of stock and ingredients; “bibigo Sagol Gomtang,” a rich soup made with Australian beef bones boiled for over 8 hr; “bibigo Tofu Kimchi Jjigae,” a fresh and rich take on Kimchi Jjigae with separately packaged stock, kimchi, and ingredients; “bibigo Doenjang Jjigae,” made with traditional Korean Doenjang; and other major Tang and Jjigae menus enjoyed by Koreans.
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We introduce to you bibigo’s Guk / Tang / Jjigae lineup.
  • Yukgaejang Yukgaejang Crisp hotness with rich undertones, made with beef brisket, Toran, and green onion
  • Doenjang Jjigae Doenjang Jjigae With the richness of Meju Doenjang with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, potato, onions
  • Tofu Kimchi Jjigae Tofu Kimchi Jjigae Ripe kimchi sauteed in oil for depth of flavor, with tofu added for a refreshing finish
  • Samgyetang Samgyetang A whole Korean chicken and ginseng, boiled together with sticky rice and garlic
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Acquaint yourselves with the endless possibilities of bibigo products!
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