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Traditional Kimchi made with premium ingredients
  • Kimchi

    bibigo recreates the best and the healthiest offering of kimchi with proper ingredients that respect the flavors of nature. bibigo Kimchi is a true Korean kimchi made with the best Korean ingredients. Pure sea salt ensures the crisp texture of kimchi, while quality chili powder and natural ingredients bring the richness of nature to the table.

ABOUT kimchi

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Korea’s most famous
slow food Kimchi
the product of wisdom in
salting and fermenting
vegetables such as napa cabbage.
Kimchi, Korea's most famous slow food, is made with the wisdom of the ancient Koreans in salting, storing, and fermenting vegetables such as radish or napa cabbage. With more than 15 ingredients in play, Kimchi takes the natural taste of the ingredients and enriches it with its unique acidity, made through an extended period of fermentation, with corresponding richness in Lactobacilli and vitamins. A combination of chili pepper, garlic, and ginger creates a crisp flavor and helps digestion, creating the health benefits that make Kimchi so famous.
kimchi 's ingredients
bibigo offers a wide
variety of kimchi made
with utmost respect to
the taste of the base
bibigo offers a true Korean kimchi made with the best Korean ingredients. Pure sea salt ensures the crisp texture of the kimchi, whereas quality chili powder from the Gyeongbuk region brings a vibrant and mouthwatering hue to the kimchi. Ripe Korean pear offers natural tanginess, whereas the best of the fermented fish from the Southern coastal areas brings out the flavors of the ingredient.
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bibigo Kimchi is always
at its freshest and tastiest,
as guaranteed by our
cutting-edge packaging
bibigo recreates the conditions of earthenware pots to offer the ultimate packaging for fermented foods, which are topped with holding boards to ensure the freshness of kimchi. bibigo holding boards are inspired by the holding stones of Korean culinary tradition, which made sure that the entirety of Kimchi was submerged under the sauce to prevent its oxidation.
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We introduce to you bibigo’s kimchi lineup.
  • bibigo Whole Baechu Kimchi bibigo Whole Baechu Kimchi A true Korean kimchi made with the best Korean ingredients
  • bibigo Sliced Baechu Kimchi bibigo Sliced Baechu Kimchi A proper Korean kimchi, sliced for convenience
  • bibigo Baekkimchi bibigo Baekkimchi Kimchi sans chili pepper for a refreshing and crisp palate
  • bibigo Kkakdugi bibigo Kkakdugi Salted radish cubes fermented with sauce
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