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Enjoy delicious fish as if it was just freshly grilled - easily prepared in only 1 minute in the microwave without causing any smell or smoke
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  • bibigo grilled fish is a side dish that lets you enjoy the taste and nutrition of the sea without any smell or smoke, because bibigo added the secrets and know-how of making authentic Korean food to carefully selected fish.


Korean-style grilled fish ensures healthy taste and nutrition in the Korean diet.
Since the secrets and know-how of making authentic Korean food are added to carefully selected fish, you can easily enjoy the taste and nutrition of the sea. Korean-style grilled fish is an authentic Korean dish that has provided taste and nutrition to Korean ancestors who have been fishing since ancient times.
bibigo Grilled Fish provides a healthy flavor of the sea by adding great care and expertise in Korean cuisine to hand-caught and carefully selected fish.
bibigo Grilled Fish is carefully crafted with freshly selected ingredients to provide a freshly baked flavor, texture, and juicyness based on bibigo's great care and expertise in Korean food for a healthy taste of the sea. bibigo Grilled Fish, which adds the value of convenience to the taste of healthy Korean food, can be easily enjoyed in 1 minute in the microwave without causing any smell or smoke.
Enjoy the 'bibigo Boneless Grilled Mackerel', where even the smallest fish bones have been carefully removed, as a topping for various dishes.
bibigo Boneless Grilled Mackerel' is the most popular of all bibigo grilled fish products, and there is no need to go through the trouble of removing the fine bones. Use it in a variety of convenient ways as a topping for rice bowls, salads, and pasta dishes.
Iconic products
Introducing bibigo's best grilled fish products.
  • bibigo Grilled Mackerel bibigo Grilled Mackerel Grilled mackerel, the fish most loved by Koreans, provides not only a savory flavor, but also richness and juicyness as if it had just been grilled.
  • bibigo Grilled Spanish Mackerel bibigo Grilled Spanish Mackerel The juicy and thick meat provides softness and a rich texture.
  • bibigo Grilled Flatfish bibigo Grilled Flatfish The most popular white fish, it is low in oil and has a light and moist texture.
  • bibigo Grilled Atka Mackerel bibigo Grilled Atka Mackerel Provides soft and moist meat with crispy and fragrant skin.
  • bibigo Grilled Cutlass fish bibigo Grilled Cutlass fish Crispy on the outside as if freshly grilled,
    and moist and light on the inside.
  • bibigo Boneless Grilled Mackerel bibigo Boneless Grilled Mackerel Easy-to-eat boneless grilled mackerel
    with a savory flavor
  • 순살 삼치구이 bibigo Boneless Grilled Spanish Mackerel Easy-to-eat boneless grilled spanish
    mackerel with rich fish meat
Delightful !
Enjoy a variety of dishes made with bibigo products!
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