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gim Seaweed
Bringing the nature’s best with clean and healthy ingredients, bibigo Gim
  • Gim

    Bibigo Gim uses 100% Korean domestic laver that preserves its deep and natural flavor, roasted on different temperature depends on the season to maintain constant crispiness 365 days a year.


GIM Package image GIM Package image
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Gim from the clean
waters of Korea
offers a
glimpse into the wonders
of the sea.
The Crisp texture that gives way to tenderness, profound and complex fragrance, and rich taste; these are the hallmarks of the low-calorie snack food, Gim. Gim has historically served as an important source of vitamins in Korean coastal regions during the winter season. bibigo Gim offers a fire-grilled Gim straight from nature with fresh and healthy ingredients.
GIM snack  and souce image
Also, bibigo Gim Snacks
combine the elegant
flavor of Gim with crispy

unpolished rice for a
crispy snacking delight.
bibigo Gim Snack is made with rice chips woven into the Gim, the first of its kind in the world, which is baked in the oven. bibigo Gim Snack is loved all around the world for its low-caloric, gluten-free, saturated fat-free, cholesterol-free, coloring and additive-free goodness.
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We introduce to you bibigo’s Gim lineup.
  • Fire Grilled Gim Fire Grilled Gim Ultimate crispness grilled over fire, just like the traditional one
  • Gim Snack Gim Snack A premium snack and a reinterpretation of Gim Bugak in a modern, healthy package.
  • Gimjaban Gimjaban Flavored for excellence with Korean soy sauce, and roasted twice for crispiness and rich taste
  • Local Gim Local Gim Made with 100% Korean ingredients, and roasted with sesame oil for flavor
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