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Bulgogi Korean Meat dishes
Chunks of fresh ingredients marinated in goodness
  • Bulgogi

    bibigo Bulgogi features select beef with USDA certification marinated in Korean sauce. Fresh onions, carrots, and the traditional Korean bulgogi recipe offer a delightful flavor. Enjoy it with rice, in a taco, or sandwich for a balanced meal.

ABOUT bulgogi

Bulgogi package image 1 Korean-style meatballs Package image
Bulgogi  image
Bulgogi is a Korean-style
made with
sliced and marinated
Bulgogi originated from Neobiani, a royal dish of sliced beef marinated and grilled over charcoal, and Tteokgalbi is a barbecue dish made with minced meat shaped into a square.
cooking  tteokgalbi(Meat patties) on a grill
bibigo Korean Banchan
excels in chunky texture.
Chunky-cut ingredients make it easy for the buyers to see what ingredients have been placed in the product. Large cuts of meat offer a delightful, “home-made” texture to the bulgogi. The idea of “5-less” product, which leaves out chemical additives, offer an attractive option to the health-conscious consumers.
tteokgalbi (Meat patties)  with package
bibigo Korean Banchan
offers class and
quality in a convenient
bibigo Korean Banchan series gained explosive popularity by providing quality nutrition and taste in an instant and convenient packaging. “bibigo Namdo Tteokgalbi,” for example, is roasted over a direct fire on a grill, offering an experience of dining in a high-end Korean restaurant at home.
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We introduce to you bibigo’s Korean Banchan lineup.
  • Tteokgalbi (Meat patties) Tteokgalbi
    (Meat patties)
    Thick-sliced marinated and roasted meat
  • Eonyang region style Bulgogi Eonyang region style
    Slices of meat marinated and spread thinly on a grill
  • Fire-grilled Meat (Beef, Chicken) FIRE-GRILLED MEAT
    Bulgogi marinated with Korean traditional BBQ sauce, and grilled on fire
  • Korean-style meatballs Korean-style
    Small cakes made with eight ingredients; juicy and sumptuous
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