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bap Cooked Rice
The Center of Korean Dining Table and a Staple of Every Meal by Koreans, Bap
  • Bap (Cooked Rice)

    Korean dining table is organized around a bowl of “Bap,” or rice, with side dishes. Rice is thus not merely a simple staple of Korea, but rather an important aspect of Korean life and culture. bibigo Bap is made with the fresh harvest of the year, offering premium sheen and texture. Pasteurized packaging offers the flavor of the freshly made rice anywhere.


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White Rice Bap is the staple
food of Korea
and the
center of Korean
culinary corpus.
Bap (Rice) is thus not merely a simple staple food of Korea, but rather the center of Korean culinary experience in every single meal. The energy and nutrition from bap are considered to be medicines by themselves. Korean rice has greater sheen and stickiness compared to other rice around the world. Often labeled as sticky rice, this type of rice contains more moisture and is easier to digest. A freshly made rice is good enough to eat on its own, without the need for other side dishes. Long grain varieties are also available.
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bibigo ready-meals offer
the taste and nutrition of
in a convenient
bibigo ready-meals combines natural ingredients and freshly made rice for a satisfying mixture of taste, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. bibigo ready-meals lineup includes bap for vegetarians, nutrition-balanced bap, bibimbap, and other types of rice dishes that are catered toward convenience without sacrificing the quality of the plate. Ready-meals serves as a meal in itself, with the unique combination and harmony of taste and fragrance only possible in Korean cuisine.
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We introduce to you bibigo’s Bap lineup.
  • Bibigo bap(cooked rice) Bibigo bap(cooked rice) “bibigo bap” is made with fresh harvest of the year, bringing the best of rice with stringent quality control
  • bibigo Bibimbap Bowl bibigo bibimbap Bowl A complete bowl of Korean traditional bibimbap, complete with beef, vegetables, and sauce
  • Bulgogi Bibimbap Bulgogi bibimbap A sumptuous bowl of Bulgogi, tender zucchini, radish, carrot, and green onions on rice
  • Gondeurae herb bap Gondeurae herb bap Wholegrain rice with Gondeurae herbs straight from nature
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