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Bibigo FAQ

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7 Does bibigo restaurant have any franchise opportunities around the world? open

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in Bibigo.


Currently, all Bibigo restaurants around the world are under direct management of the company,  and we are not into franchise business yet.


However, we do have plans to develop franchise business models in the near future. All the information related to this matter will be announced through our company's official website when the decision has been made.


Thank you once again for your support and interest in our Bibigo restaurants.


Bibigo Team

6 What is the method that creates the unique flavor of Korean cuisine? open

Known as the most natural and pure method to create flavors, the fermentation process varies according to season and type of food. Kimchi, Korea’s symbolic and fabled side dish, is a product of fermentation that almost every Korean household practices. The fermentation process preserves the vegetable without destroying its nutritional qualities and actually enhances flavor. The healthful properties of fermentation include strengthening of the immune system and defiance of aging.


The secret behind seasoning and balanced nutrition in Korean foods is hidden in a spoonful of jang, Korean fermented pastes and sauces. Jangs are produced from beans and salt which are two ingredients that are believed to carry the energy of the earth and water respectively. And, the time and patience required during the fermentation process results in greater, deeper flavor. Jang often serves as the foundation for Korean foods with its rich, savory tastes. In Korean culinary culture, jang is so important that traditionally families carefully guarded their own recipes and prepared it on a special day chosen for the occasion. Bibigo proudly incorporates its own fermented jang and kimchi into many of the dishes and products we offer.

5 What is the hidden meaning of eating dumplings? open

Dumpling is a symbolic delicacy that is most often shared with friends and families at the beginning of new years. It flawlessly resembles a lucky pouch, which we can metaphorically interpret as a pouch with fruitful fortune.  

Bibigo has taken this traditional outlook and reinvented its image to a modern day finger food option that can be enjoyed together simply and quickly. At Bibigo, we offer delicious Summer Cucumber Dumplings (sometimes called Royal Court dumplings) filled with cucumbers and mushrooms, as well as bite-sized Mini Wontons, filled with fresh meat and vegetables. 

4 What is so special about Bibimbap, the representitive dish of Bibigo? open
Bibimbap – a party food, a dish loved by royals and commoners alike and shared by all – has been a traditional Korean dish of celebration for generations. Bibimbap holds a special place on the dinner table of families celebrating the last day of the year; in the warm, helping hands of neighbors on the farms; between pillars of the royal courts when welcoming royal guests. The 5000-year Korean tradition of sharing and embracing is best expressed in this bowl of bibimbap. Bibimbap contains a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fibers; it is perfectly balanced nutritionally and is filled with diverse seasonal namul and grains, reminding us of the presence of nature in our food. The true attraction of bibimbap is the fact that each ingredient maintains its own flavor while also forming a harmonious new taste with the added soy sauce or red pepper paste. At Bibigo restaurants we have retained the essence of bibimbap while offering choices of grains, vegetables, toppings and sauces to suit the nutritional needs and taste preferences of each person.
3 Is Bibigo a restaurant brand or a product brand? open

Bibigo is the intergrated brand covering both restaurants and food products.
Bibigo restaurants offer authentic Korean cuisine around the world.
Bibigo restaurants are devided into two types, fast casual restaurants and casual dining restaurants. Stop by Bibigo's fast casual restaurant for a convenient Korean meal, or visit Bibigo's casual dining restaurant for a variety of appetizers and main dishes.


Bibigo products deliver the authentic taste of Korea with a wide range of products such as Cooked rice, Sauces(BBQ sauces, Fermented sauces, Korean stew stock), Korean style dumplings and Crispy seaweed snacks with healthy and fresh ingredients. Bibigo products are available to help you cook and enjoy Korean food easily at home.

2 Where does the brand name Bibigo come from? open

The bibigo brand name stems from the Korean term "bibida" and the English phrase "to-go." Bibida means "to mix" in Korean. So at Bibigo, we're all about mixing fresh ingredients to create a great meal that's easy to eat anytime, anywhere. 

The notion of ‘bibim’ reflects the Korean value of a collective lifestyle, where good fortune is shared, and new things are embraced. ‘Bibim’ is omnipresent in Korean traditions: in the helping hands during farming seasons; in the passing of ‘bibimbap’ bowls among royalties and commoners; and in the memories shared over food on special days. Bibim is our way of sharing, intermingling, bonding, and creating balance. Fresh seasonal greens become healthier when combined with the art of fermentation; And a Korean meal is perfected when rice, soup, and side dishes come together on a dining table. As such, ‘Bibim’ results in synergy in food. Korean food mirrors the openness of our culture, and the way we understand differences and embrace the unfamiliar while optimizing what is new.


Bibigo integrates our modern values with Korea’s distinctive culinary tradition to offer a new lifestyle. We are eager to share with the world the philosophy of ‘bibim’ through Bibigo products and restaurants that represent the essence of Korea’s unique flavor and style.

1 How did Bibigo get started? open
Bibigo is a Korean food (K-food) brand that represents the best of Korean cuisine, which is a bowl of CJ’s history and passion, combined with its dedication as a food company of 60 years. Our serving began in 1953, when CJ introduced Korea’s first domestic sugar products, filling the hearts of war-weary Koreans with hope. Through the years, we shared our path with Korea’s dining table and today, CJ introduces to the world Bibigo.
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